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Group Disability Insurance

Did you know that your income is likely your #1 asset?

Your ability to earn an income allows for all the financial opportunity in your life. Most people understand the importance of insurance in the transference of risk; however, most people do not take the time to consider one of the most important types of insurance available in the market today – style=”color: #5069a2;”Income Replacement Protection.

This type of protection is extremely affordable, especially for business owners and other groups.

You have a three times greater chance of becoming disabled than passing away during your working years.

What is your plan should you become injured or too ill to perform your usual occupation and earn an income?

Let us help you with an income replacement quote today. Contact us below and please provide:

  1. DOB or Age
  2. Gender
  3. Annual Income including all compensation (i.e. car allowances, housing allowances, bonuses, commissions, any additional compensation)

For a FREE Consultation and information about our Group Disability Insurance, please complete the information below or call us at (888) 474-7917.