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Group Health Insurance

Quality Health Insurance & Employee Benefits

Get affordable health care solutions for your small business…

Platinum HCM is partnered with our sister company, Millennial Life Insurance & Casualty Services, an experienced group of insurance experts that will help your small business and you find top-rated health care solutions and plans.

Quality health care insurance is an important benefit for you and your employees. Finding the right health insurance for your small business shouldn’t be a chore. Platinum HCM, along with our sister company, Millennial Life Insurance & Casualty Services, can help you find top-rated health insurance coverage at a price built for your business.

Contact our Insurance Agency today and:

  • Consult with our knowledgeable agents to help you find a health insurance plan that fits your business size.
  • Compare top-rated insurance carriers and benefit providers with a free, personalized insurance quote for both group and individual/families.
  • Get access to comprehensive, easy-to-use tools, information and resources to help you comply with new health care reform requirements, including evaluation and review of options for group health coverage, employee notifications and tax credit filings.

For a FREE Consultation and information about our Group Health Insurance, please complete the information below or call us at (888) 474-7917.