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Web Clock Management

Platinum HCM Time Clock Management is an online time clock system. A perfect fit for small to midsized businesses who don’t want bloated software. We do one thing and we do it well.

Run better reports

What makes them better? Well, they’re easier to read, easier to edit, and easier to output than most alternatives. But more importantly they’re accurate and reliable. We’ve been fine tuning this since 2003.

Use your devices

You may not need a physical time clock. Have employees log in directly from our website. They can use their computer, phone or tablet. Nothing to install. And yes, GPS location is captured if you want it.

Punch from a web app

Want employees to punch from centralized locations? Then use our exclusive time clock web app. Works on any computer or tablet and includes self-service features. Acts like a native app, but without the hassle.

Status at a glance

Dashboards are good only when they’re useful. Ours will tell you who’s working, how many hours were spent, and what the latest comments are. Saving you a ton of time. So yeah, that’s useful.

For a FREE Consultation and information about our Web Clock Management Program, please complete the information below or call us at (888) 474-7917.